Monday, October 25, 2010


me and adam just cant decide on baby names!
when im actually pregnant its gonna be such a issue
the only name we decided on was a girl name , and thats gonna be Bailey emma russell
and for a boys name , he likes. Hunter, i would prefer , Jack hunter russell ,
Or not even hunter at all LOL!.
i always loved the name, chance. and jack , so im sticking with those names
tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

drugs,i hate you

this is a heavy subject for me . i grew up around drugs and alchol. it really made a impact on me. i wish drugs didnt exist , i wish they wernt addictive. i wish it wasnt such a long process to being clean. it seems like i never really had a childhood , it was always worrying about that one person im suppose to look up too , hes suppose to be my big brother , im not suppose to take care of him when hes high and cant function , and is to drunk and cant walk , im not proud to say my brother is a drug addict , my brother , my big brother that is suppose to watch out for me , but instead im cleaning up his needles. * id beg and beg for him to get better , when i finally think hes getting help ,he slips , and it happens again , sometimes i hate him so much for putting mom and dad through this , how can u be so selfish , how can u do this to your little sister , ? i miss the old you , i miss being able to see you when i want. but now i cant its like when u finally get out of jail , your back in , its like deju vu , its like nothing will change , its like u wont change , all i know is that ii love you ,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what do you think is real beautty?

obvously her reflection is real beauty , but she doesnt see it ,
definition Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight, and an obsessive fear of gaining weight due to a distorted self image.It is a serious mental illness with a high incidence of comorbidity and also the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. here are some signs of anorexia
Early symptoms of anorexia nervosa include:
This may progress to:
Severe symptoms include:

anorexia is a serious thing , its something alot of people "make fun of" and mis interperate , i know alot about this , from personal experience , if u ever wanna talk , email me , Also , what do you think real beauty is , cause most people think it is to be thin. id like to hear some thoughts